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T.quốc Blue Medical Gloves - LKS360

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    Medical gloves are gloves made from rubber as the main material. Medical gloves have outstanding features such as compactness, flexibility but very thin, when wearing medical gloves, they will not lose the feeling of hand skin when touching or touching, touching that object. Gloves are widely used in medicine, medical examination and treatment, health care to industries such as electronic production, food processing,...

    Blue Medical Gloves

    The blue medical glove is a thin, light, tough, non-feeling glove with a characteristic blue color. This medical glove has a very high application, often used in medicine, surgery, research, food processing, or light industry.

    The purpose of using medical gloves is not only to help protect the user from the spread of pathogenic microorganisms during the working or experimental phase, but also to ensure the hygiene of the patient or food.


    Structure Of Green Medical Gloves

    Typically, medical gloves will have a structure of 1 or 2 thin layers of fabric, light texture, tightly gripping the hand but still keeping the hug, helping the user not feel uncomfortable.

    Compared with real hands and nylon gloves, medical gloves have much better adhesion and grip thanks to their rough surface. The wrist part of the glove is often designed with a contour to help quickly put on and take off, avoiding the situation of rolling down.

    Uses of Blue Medical Gloves

    Blue medical gloves will be prioritized for use in the following industries and fields:

    - Hospitals, clinics, laboratories
    - Manufacture of automobiles, kitchen appliances
    - Processing food, processing consumer goods
    - Beauty care center
    - Plant and animal quarantine station.
    - Cattle and poultry slaughter establishments
    - Meat and fish shops...
    - Tattoo services, nail art, …

    LKS 360 IMPORT EXPORT TRADING COMPANY LIMITED (LKS 360 CO., LTD) was officially established on 28 July, 2017 in Viet Nam.

    During our more than 9 years of history, LKS 360 has developed its technology and has expanded planting assortment. We specialize in supplying healthcare and medical (gloves, masks, surgical products, orbital pharmaceutical...) and farming such crops as Coffee, Pepper, coconuts, lemongrass, shallot, and others. We produce a rich variety of vegetables, fruits and different field crops.
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