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T.quốc 6 ways to take care of your tattoos

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    After finishing art on skin, the next thing is waiting for a time to recover. Depending on skin of each person and how hygiene after tattooing, the different result will be. However, to get the best tattoo designs, you should do the following 6 ways which is collected by Tattoo shop Saigon. Let’s see!

    Aftercare for your tattoo
    • After three hours, remove the bandage gently and wash with soap and warm water. Note: do not rebandage.
    • Apply a thin film of ointment 3 times a day for the next 2 days. After 2 days, use a hand lotion like Vaseline or Nivea until skin returns to its pre-tattoo condition.
    • To have the best quality tattoo, stay away sunlight and forget how to “tanned skin” until tattoo is healed, at least 10-15 days.
    • Do not soak tattoo in tub, sauna, or go swimming too long while your new tattoo is healing. Showers are okay.
    • Do not rub the treated area while it is healing. It might damage your skin and lose your tattoo ink colors.
    • Extreme sun and exposure over the years can and will fade your tattoo. This can be minimized by using a strong sunscreen, at least SP25.
    Forget temporarily the beach vacation.

    Besides performing 6 ways to take care of your tattoos, you don’t forget to choose tattoo places in Saigon, which has the warranty for your tattoo design. For example, at Tadashi Tattoo, customers are encouraged to check after 7 days. Of course, it is free.

    Now, you want to find a tattoo shop in Saigon, don't you? I make sure that Tadashi Tattoo Studio is a reputable tattoo shop which you can trust.
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